About HungryFlo

I've decided to start brand new with my blog and just strictly blog about Japan because I love it so much! I've been to a few places in Japan so far:

. Tokyo . Yokohama . Fujikawaguchiko . Osaka . Kyoto . Kobe . Tsuruga . Fukui . Kanazawa . Shirakawa-go . Takayama . Shiga .  Hiroshima . Beppu . Fukuoka . Shimonoseki .  Kitakyushu . Kokura . Shizuoka . Nishiizu . Izu . Yugawara . Atami . Sapporo . Otaru . Niseko . Ibaraki . Sendai . Yamagata . Niigata . Gunma . Nagano . Saitama . Nikko .

When I was planning for my first trip, I was overwhelmed because there's so much to see, a ton of things I want to eat but limited time! I really wanted to maximize my time there so I planned everything in the most efficient way possible.

I made a whole PowerPoint presentation because there's no better way to show my boyfriend what I want to do and why I wanted to go there. I save the screenshots on my phone so when I travel, I can reference back to the pictures and see my itinerary.

I use Google Maps and pin all the locations  I want to go so when I'm there, I click the icon and it'll teach me how to get there. It's super convenient and I highly recommend it! I've been doing some customized Japan trip planning and I'd love to share some of my adventures on my blog. =)

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