Rikuro Ojisannomise りくろーおじさんの店 (新)なんば本


Rikuro is the ultimate Japanese cheesecake in Osaka! Unlike the typical dense and heavy cheesecake, the Japanese style cheesecake is super rich but light and fluffy; kind of like a sponge cake! This Rikuro shop in the Namba district is the busiest so they always have the freshest cakes!

The line up outside is for customers that's buying the whole cake (only¥675). So if it's your first time and want to see what the hype's about, you can go inside and order a slice to skip the line up. While you're seated, you can see the whole production line. There's nothing as satisfying as seeing those bouncy cheesecake come fresh out of the oven!

There's quite a few locations but this one is most popular and convenient. But if you're just making a pit stop at the Shin-Osaka station, you can find a Rikuro booth on the 3rd floor. It's just a booth so the cheesecake are pre-packaged. Although it's not freshly made, but it's still damn good after you heat it up a little.

When in Osaka, Rikuro is a must for me! Highly recommend it!

Address \\  3-2-28 Nanba Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka
Phone Number \\  0120-57-2132 (Takes reservations)
Hours \\ Monday – Sunday: 9:30am - 9pm (Last order)
Average Price \\  ¥999
Payment Method \\   Cash Only
Rating \\   3.54/5
Website \\   Rikuro Cheesecake (Japanese Only)

Rikuro Ojisannomise りくろーおじさんの店 (新)なんば本

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