Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara ローストビーフ大野 秋葉原店


Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara is just a 3 minute walk from Akihabara Station and known for wagyu roast beef bowl! They serve 2 kinds of beef, Australia roast beef for ¥1,080 (extra meat for ¥1,740) and Japanese Wagyu roast beef for ¥1,620 (extra meat for ¥2,820). I ordered the regular Japanese Wagyu roast beef but it was a little smaller than I expected.

You may be tempted to crack the egg yolk and have it drizzled all over the meat, but there’s an ideal way to enjoy this meal:

  1. The first bite is to have a slice of roast beef as is to taste the meat

  2. Second bite is to break the egg yolk and have the gooey goodness soak up the meat and add a hint of mayo

  3. Try sprinkling some pepper for the third bite

  4. Lastly, add everything along with the side of cream cheese

  5. Drink the ox tail soup at the end

Personally, with the wagyu beef being so fatty, the mayo and cream cheese was a bit too heavy. I would prefer the wagyu beef with a savory sauce from RedRock over this. But if you love cream cheese, wagyu beef and need to stop by Akihabara, this would be a convenient place to check out. FYI, they also have shops in Harajuku, Ikebukuro and Kichijoji.

Address \\  1 Chome-2-3 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo-to
Phone Number \\  03-3254-7355 (Does not take reservations)
Hours \\  Monday - Saturday: 11am - 10pm (Last order)
Sunday: 11am - 9:30pm (Last order)
Average Price \\  ¥1,500 - ¥3,000
Payment Method \\   Cash Only
Rating \\   3.58/5
Website \\   Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara (Japanese only)

Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara ローストビーフ大野 秋葉原店

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