Meishu Sake Center 名酒センター


Aside from non stop eating, another must do thing in Japan is sake tasting! There's seriously an unlimited selection of sake to choose from so if you're not sure what sake's good, these sake tasting shops would be a good place to start!

Meishu Sake Center in Hamamatsucho is a small shop but packed with over 150 bottles of sake to choose from. The social etiquette is find an empty table, pick up bottles you want to try, bring it to your table and wait for one of the staff to help you pour the sake. Each bottle has a price tag attached to it and usually tasting ranges between ¥200 - ¥400 per tasting depending on the sake grade. If you bring 3 bottles at once, you get a ¥100 discount!

They're very generous with their pouring, around 60ml pour so make sure you pace yourself. They have a small fridge that offers some snacks like nuts and sashimi for a few hundred yen in case you need some food to go with sake.

If you're still not sure what bottles to pick up, you can ask the staff what they'd recommend or what kind of sake you like and they'll make a recommendation for you. This place usually gets pretty packed with salary men after work so I recommended to go a little earlier to get a table!

Address \\  2-3-29 Hamamatsucho Minato Tokyo
Phone Number \\   03-5405-4441 (Cannot make reservations)
Hours \\   Monday – Friday: 11am – 9pm,  Saturday & Sunday: 3pm - 8pm
(Closed Holiday & 4th Saturday of the month)
Average Price \\   ¥1,000 – ¥2,000
Payment Method \\  Credit Card Accepted
Rating \\ 3.57/5
Website \\  Meishu Sake Center (Option for English available)

Meishu Sake Center 名酒センター